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This trading company has been active in the field of buying and selling all kinds of plastic raw materials for many years, and today we are proud to be able to provide you with a complete list of plastic industry products with the best conditions (possibility of issuing official and unofficial invoices). And we announce domestic and proforma sales and import orders.
Afshin Karami Trading Group aims to enter international international markets as a reliable supplier of engineering polymers.

What do we do?

The effort of Afshin Karami Trading Complex is easy access of plastic raw materials to importers – exporters – factories. Take us one step further than others.

Our goal is to supply plastic raw materials and expand your cross-border trade.

Facilitate the preparation of polymeric materials!

We have always been ahead!

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The customs tariff code for ethylene polymers is as follows: 39901.
The customs tariff code for propylene polymers is in the basic forms under row 3902.
The customs tariff code for styrene polymers is as follows: 39903.
Customs tariff code for polystyrene, polyethers, epoxy resin, polycarbonate is in the basic forms under row 3907.
The customs tariff code for polyamide is in the basic forms under row 3908

Clearance of ethylene polymers mainly requires a health permit

The clearance of styrene polymers, including ABS-GPPS-HIPS-SAN, requires a permit from the Department of Defense in addition to a health permit.

Clearance of polystyrene, goods under row 3907 requires permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (chemical weapons)

The clearance of polyamides, in addition to a health permit, requires a permit (if explosive) from the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support.

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