Afshin Karami Trading Group

Export and import of plastic and polymeric materials

About us

With increasing effort and perseverance, we have expanded to expand our commitments and provide better services to you dear ones. We hope that with your constant help and support, friends and loved ones, this effort will not be in vain, and we will take a constructive step towards growing and flourishing as much as possible in order to provide services to you dear ones.

Field of activity of Afshin Karami Trading Group

  • Sale of domestically produced plastic raw materials
  • Sale of imported plastic raw materials

Procurement and supply of plastic raw materials

Ask us for the current price of the goods. We are a professional, we are a specialized supplier of raw materials and our goal is to maintain and develop long-term relationships with customers.

Plastic and polymer industry

First level manufacturers, contact our experts to prepare plastics. Tondgovian Petrochemical - Bandaramam Petrochemical - Tabriz Petrochemical - Rijal Petrochemical - Laleh Petrochemical - Jam Petrochemical - Kermanshah Polymer - Maroon Petrochemical

Prices of plastic raw materials

Our goal is to support plastics manufacturers and eliminate supply chain interfaces. We are with you, take us one step further.

Our team

Afshin Karami


Zahra Davarzani

Foreign Trade Unit


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