Import of plastic raw materials

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Did you know that importing some raw materials sometimes falls cheaper than its domestic price? Leave the import of plastic raw materials including polyamide, polycarbonate, polystyrene from China, Korea, Asian and European countries to us.

We will solve the problems of importing plastic raw materials for you.

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Import and supply of plastic raw materials from famous countries and brands apiplastic, Chi mei, Honam, Mitsui Chemical Co., LOTADER, Honam, HANWHA, Chi mei, Kopla, Tisan, Akulon, Eurotec, Ticona, FORMOSACON, LG, KOCETAL

Our specialty

In 1997, the import of goods was grouped and groups 1 and 2 are currently awarded the currency at the rate of 5,000 Tomans in Euros. Before buying from the factory, our experts can determine the cost price of the goods for you at the warehouse door and also inform you about the exchange rate it receives.


List of imported plastic raw materials

POM raw materials

  • KOCETAL K300
  • LG N109
  • Ticona C9021

PA raw materials

  • Tecomid NA (PA 6 unfilled Natural / Black)
  • Tecomid NA (PA 6 30% glass fiber reinforced Natural/Black)
  • Tecomid NB (PA 6.6 unfilled Natural / Black)
  • Tecomid NB (PA 6.6 30% glass fiber reinforced Natural/Black)
  • F223D DSM (PA 6 unfilled Natural)
  • K224 DSM (PA 6.6 30% glass fiber reinforced Natural)
  • Tislamid (PA 6.6 unfilled)
  • Kopla (PA 6.6 30% glass fiber reinforced Natural)

 PMMA raw material

  • CM205
  • CM203

ABS raw material

  • High Heat ABS POLYLAC 777B
  • High Heat ABS POLYLAC 777D
  • High Heat ABS POLYLAC 777E

POLYCARBONATE raw material

  • PC110
  • LOTTE CHEME 1100