PTFE ROD rebar

Description of PTFE ROD:
Polyethylene terephthalate also known as Teflon.
PTFE rebar from 6 to 150 mm diameter and 100 to 120 cm long, bushes, Teflon pipe in sizes 20-40 / 25 – 50/40 – 60/ and other sizes of refractory Teflon tube are available in 2 4 6 8 10 12 mm sizes. PTFE is used in various steel industries – Laboratory Equipment – Oil and Gas Industries – Food and Beverage Industries – Automobile Industries- Aerospace Industries – Electronics Industries.

Features of PTFE ROD rebar:
Low friction
UV-ray resistance
High -electric resistance
Impact resistance

Applications of PTFE ROD rebar:
Gaskets-bushes- Compressor Ring-Piston Rings -Ring rider- bearings- Gastek- Power insulation materials- Filters- In the manufacture of all petrochemical materials

Customs Tariff of PTFE ROD rebar:
The customs tariff code for exporting PTFE ROD rebar is 39169090.
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